Canberra Sunday Bike Hash

Formerly 'The Midnight Nude Bike Hash

Canberra's oldest, biggest and friendliest social cycling club*

Next Ride

8 March 2015, 10:30am


Frizzy Lizzy
Haig Park
(Limestone Ave end, Henty Street side).   


Order from/dine at BrodDogs--
same as Brodburger except hot dogs (d'oh).

Frizzy is inquiring whether they can accommodate us on site (avec BYO grog) if not we may need to place an order in for takeaway and eat in Haig Park.
People would need to BYO chairs. Frizzy will try and get a menu (they don't seem to have the 'dogs on the web yet) so people can get an idea of options.  
BYO lunch if you aren't enamoured of hot dogs.  
The area of Haig Park I am proposing has no BBQs


Upcuming Rides


The Canberra Sunday Bike Hash is a mixed Hash which rides on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of each month at 10:30am.
Rides last around an hour or two over a friendly course, following the familiar Hash run format - trail, circle, down-downs and the usual Hash nonsense.
Cost $3 per person and purchase grog for the bucket or over the bar as applicable. Non riders especially welcome.


Gin & Tonic is the preferred drink of the Canberra Sunday Bike Hash

 *Application sent to Guinness Book of records - awaiting ratification